Kerastase Resistance Thermal Cement Protects Brittle And Damaged Hair From Blow-Drying 150ml

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New Formula! Ciment Thermique care protects brittle and damaged hair from blow-drying and styling easier. Instantly, the hair is slicked surface for anti-fork and deeply rebuilt dual action anti-breakage /. Hair, like frozen, are of incomparable brilliance. � Icing Thermo-Seal: smooth and gloss hair, facilitates styling. � glucose polymer: an active resurfacing that recreates the outer protective layer of the hair fiber, protecting against cracking and split ends. � Vita-Ciment �: recreates the intercellular cement, strengthens the hair and strengthens the hair from within. � Xylose + heat: under the action of heat, assets are sealed in the fiber while the xylose protects the hair from high temperatures.