Orphica Releash Eyelash Enhancer 4ml

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Orphica Releash Eyelash Enhancer is developed by women who dream of long, strong and fuller lashes. It is recommended for women who have naturally short or weak lashes. It is also ideal for use when having undergone a lash extension treatment that caused damage. The product has undergone strict testing confirming that the active ingredients contained in the formula enhance the length and fullness of the lashes while also preventing hair loss. The growth phase of eyelashes lasts for about 30 days. This is too short a time period to allow the lashes to grow out fuller and longer. This modern formula accelerates the natural growth phase and strengthens each lash from the roots to enhance length and resilience. The advanced composition counteracts hair loss. The end results are visible in 30 days, however, the first changes are noticeable even earlier. After 2 weeks, the eyelashes appear stronger, healthier and more conditioned. Spectacular results are visible after 21 days of use.

Directions of use:

  • Remove your make-up and dry the skin around the eyes
  • Gently apply the enhancer to your upper eyelid using the applicator brush
  • Admire the results after only a short time period