Feather FHS-10 Hi Stainless Single Edge Blade Single Box

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Long-lasting and durable, these blades are made from stainless steel and coated with platinum. These single blades do not have a metal spine and are sharp and smooth for a close shave. With a long history in the razor blade industry, Feather has a reputation for superior quality and sharpness. Single edge blades without metal spin. Platinum & PTTE coated Hi-Stainless blades. These Feather Single Edge Blades are designed to fit a number of single blade razors, but this blade does not fit regular double edged Safety Razors or Shavettes. Some vintage specialty razors can use this blade, but not all single edge razors are compatible. Dimensions: 39.3 mm x 18.4 mm, thickness: 0.23 mm. Alignment hole on one side of the blade is 9mm from the edge.