Lancaster Sun Beauty Tan Optimizer Tan Deepener Tinted Jelly 200ml

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A lightly-tinted, tan deepening body gel formulated with RPF complex to neutralize free radicals. Offers an instant glow to skin in seconds, infused with moisturizers to protect skin from dryness & flaking.
Achieves a soft & long-lasting tan, can be applied over a medium protection product for a beautifying effect. The Tan Deepener can be used in the first rays of the sun. For example, on the arms, legs, and neckline, to gain a golden tone during spring. In summer, on days of sun exposure, apply Tan Deepener and then your favorite body sunscreen. We suggest opting for the spray or mist option.

Directions of use:

  • Exfoliate your skin before application
  • Apply the Tan Deepener on dry skin, using circular movements
  • Wash your hands properly to avoid staining your clothes